Dog Boarding

Our hotel features 3 distinct suites to meet the needs of every dog–and their discriminating owners!

Standard Suites:  our “average” room is the other guy’s largest kennel!  Standard suites are a comfortable 23 to 30 square feet.

Standard Suite

Executive Suites:  for a little more room to stretch out!  Executive suites are a large 35 to 40 square feet


Presidential Suites:  now you’re talking luxury!  Presidential suites are a spacious 50 to 60 square feet and include certain hotel amenities at no additional charge, like webcam access and a skype session.


All suites have a full-light glass door in a climate-controlled room.  Air exchanges occur every 7 minutes meaning fresh outdoor air is always on hand.  An ambient sound system plays calming music designed specifically for dogs 24 hours a day.  Each suite includes a luxurious bed and fleece blankets.  Solar tubes allow natural sunlight to brighten our boarding areas.  And if you want a bigger suite that is not readily available, we can expand most suites for extra space.

What makes our hotel different from other boarding facilities is the 24 hour supervision and care.  A hotel staff member is working 24 hours a day to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet.  Like any other hotel, you can check your pet in or out at any time.  However, to avoid an additional day’s charges, pets must be checked out by 11am.  Hotel guests receive 3 20-minute outdoor visits each day and because someone is here all the time, we make sure every canine guest gets a late evening bathroom break before bed.  Our canine guests also receive discounts on other hotel services (like doggie daycare) and you can opt for private play time with a staff member, arranged “chat” time with your pet via skype, or private webcam access in your pet’s suite.

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