Doggie Daycare

Our doggie daycare room provides hours of exercise and fun in a safe and supervised setting.  Daycare is open every day of the week with early drop-offs available and play time beginning at 9am.  Afternoon nap time takes place from 12pm to 2pm so dogs can rest because tired dogs can get cranky!  During nap time, dogs are separated from each other in kennels or crates.  Daycare ends at 5pm but late evening pick-ups are not a problem.  (Note: there is a $10 fee for pick ups after 8pm)  We offer half-day (less than 5 hours) and full-day (more than 5 hours) packages and all new daycare candidates receive a free 3-hour introduction and evaluation trial.  Daycare provides both mental and physical stimulation for dogs whose owners work long hours or are destructive when left home alone.  For most dogs, especially older ones, a half day is more than enough activity to tire out your pooch and most dogs should not attend daycare every day–that can be very exhausting for them.  All dogs get interactive play time with our staff both indoors and outside in our 2000 square-foot fenced yard.  Our indoor environment is climate-controlled, has rubber flooring which cushions the joints and a speaker system that plays dog-specific music to keep the mood lively during play time and relaxing during nap time.

Daycare is a great way to socialize and exercise your dog–but it’s not for every dog!  Great candidates are relaxed and comfortable around other dogs, not aggressive or too dominant.  All dogs must be vaccinated for parvo/distemper, rabies and bordetella (kennel cough).  Females must be spayed before heat cycles begin (usually 6 months).  We do accept un-neutered/intact males up to a year of age but they must not exhibit any dominance/mounting behavior.

Certain risks exist when groups of dogs play together.  Although everyone is vaccinated, respiratory infections can still arise.  If your dog is coughing or acting sick, please keep him at home for the day.  Likewise, if your dog begins to cough or becomes sick while already at daycare, we will call you to pick him up or isolate him from the group until you can take him home.  And since dogs are playing together with mouths and paws, teeth and nails can cause injuries.  While we monitor everyone closely and separate dogs when needed, accidents can happen.  We will keep you informed of anything that happens regarding your dog but because dogs are covered in hair, we may not see everything so please let us know if you see something concerning.