Private Webcam Agreement

Save time during your next appointment! Complete your required forms online from any device at any time before your visit.

Your pet’s suite includes a camera that can be accessed 24 hours a day during his/her stay at our hotel. The camera allows you to make visual contact with your pet while you are away. It also allows our night staff to remotely monitor each suite without entering the boarding area and waking up all of our guests. If our night staff believes there is a problem, they will of course check on that pet. The cameras are provided as a luxury feature of our hotel, but we want to convey the following information. There are times when you may turn on the camera and your pet may not be in his/her suite. He/she may be in daycare or the outside play yard. There are 4 daily visits to the outside area (early morning, midday, late afternoon and late evening). The cameras also do not cover every corner of each suite, especially the presidential ones. Your pet may be sleeping just out of view. To enable our hotel staff to work efficiently and make every guest’s stay as pleasant as possible, we request that you do not call our staff to question or comment on what you observe via the camera UNLESS YOU VIEW SOMETHING THAT YOU TRULY BELIEVE TO BE AN EMERGENCY. In such a situation, we urge you to contact us immediately. We would not consider the following to constitute emergencies:

-Your dog’s toy has become stuck under the bed
-Your dog’s blanket is crumpled up in the corner
-Your dog is barking at the door
-There is urine or feces in the suite
With regards to what you may see on the camera, we simply request that you respect the time of our staff and understand that they are caring for other pets in addition to yours. However, please feel free to call our facility while you are away to check in on your pet.
Your signature below acknowledges your agreement to abide by the spirit of these camera guidelines. You further acknowledge that the camera may be made unavailable to you should repeated violations of this agreement occur.
Go to Click on “Video Cams”. Follow directions from there. (**If using a mobile device, you will need to purchase the app from our hosting company Online Doggy)