Pool Agreement

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Pool Rules and Liability Agreement
  • For the safety of all dogs, Four Paws requires all canine visitors to be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian for Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella
  • You are responsible for your dog and its behavior while in the hotel and pool area including your dog’s interaction with other dogs.
  • All owners must check in with the front desk prior to swimming.
  • Please bring a towel/towels to dry your dog off after swimming.
  • Please do not feed your dog 4 hours prior to swimming.
  • Please attend to your dog at all times. There is no doggy lifeguard on duty so this is especially important while your dog is in the pool.
  • It is important that you allow your dog to use the bathroom prior to entering the pool and every 15 minutes while swimming. You can use the grassy area next to the pool and outside the front of the hotel. Please pick up all fecal matter (poop) and hose down the indoor grass area until all debris is gone. If an accident happens in the water, please inform a staff member immediately! If your dog defecates in the water you will incur a $100 fine and repeated accidents will result in a pool ban for your dog.
  • All dogs must be on a leash while outside the pool room, this includes the hallways and outside areas.
  • Dogs with infectious or contagious conditions, such as eye, ear or skin infections cannot be allowed in the pool. Owners are advised to cancel all appointments with at least 24 hours notice until the conditions are clear.
  • Incontinent dogs are not permitted in the pool for health reasons
  • No muddy or excessively dirty dogs in the pool. There is a shower station provided-please rinse off your dog well prior to entering.
  • We advise that your dog has a life vest or harness on while swimming. Please always watch your dog for signs of exhaustion.
  • No throwing dogs into the pool!
  • All doors to the pool room must remained closed at all times.
  • Please ask for assistance if you need help facilitating interaction with other people and your dog.
  • Please do not bring food or drinks into the pool area.
  • No running by humans on the deck or around the pool/spa.
  • Children must be under parental control at all times and must not enter the pool! There is no lifeguard on duty!
  • Please inform a staff member immediately if there is an accident/injury to any person or animal.
  • Four Paws reserves the right to use photos and video footage taken during swimming sessions or on the premises.
  • Four Paws reserves the right to refuse service or entrance to any dog if we feel it is not in the best interest of the dog or other guests.
I agree and understand that there are inherent risks to me and my dog associated with the use of the Four Paws facilities such as dangers while swimming, wet floors and other dogs. In consideration for granting me permission to use these facilities, I agree to release Four Paws from liability arising out of or associated with their use. I certify that I have read and understand this agreement and that the information set forth above is true and correct. I agree to accept all terms, conditions, and statements of this agreement and any rules or regulations of Four Paws.