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Hotel & Resort

Four Paws Pet Hotel & Resort offers luxury pet boarding, dog grooming, an indoor dog pool, and doggie daycare!

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week— Four Paws Pet Hotel & Resort is the only real hotel for pets! No wire cages and small enclosures here; instead, your cat or dog can enjoy a beautiful and comfortable room designed specifically to keep pets calm while owners are away. We have a variety of room sizes, all equipped with blankets and beds for comfort you can’t find anywhere else.

No other facility in Northern Colorado pampers your pet like we do and gives you peace of mind that your pets will be well-cared for while you are away.

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Four Paws Pet Hotel & Resort Services

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Doggie Daycare

Our doggie daycare room provides hours of exercise and fun in a safe and supervised setting. Daycare is open every day of the week with early drop-offs available and play time beginning at 9 am.

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Dog Boarding

All suites have a full-light glass door in a climate-controlled room. Air exchanges occur every 7 minutes, meaning fresh outdoor air is always on hand.

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Cat Boarding

Finicky felines will love staying at our hotel! Every suite has a window for sunbathing and bird watching. And every cat gets 2 types of beds and an extra large litter box.

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Dog Grooming

Whether it’s a simple brush and bath or a fabulous show-quality style, our groomers can deliver the look you desire. 

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