Cat Boarding in Fort Collins, CO

Discover luxury cat boarding in Fort Collins, CO, offering a tranquil haven for your feline companion. Our attentive staff provides a cozy, stress-free environment.

Cat Boarding

Finicky felines will love staying at our hotel! Our feline suites are spacious, 3 feet wide by 4 feet long by 6 feet high with shelves for climbing. Every suite has a window for sunbathing and bird watching. And every cat gets 2 types of beds and an extra large litter box. Calming music plays 24 hours a day to keep the mood peaceful.

Every cat also gets daily amusement and exercise in the play area, climbing condos, and chasing toys. Check on your cat using a private webcam in the suite or watch the playtime activities on the camera in the group area!

What makes our hotel different from other boarding facilities is the 24-hour supervision and care. A hotel staff member is working 24 hours a day to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet. Like any other hotel, you can check your pet in or out at any time. However, to avoid an additional day’s charges, pets must be checked out by 11 am.